Army of Shadows

A Mouse Guard Hack by John Anderson

1941. The Occupied Territories.

The characters are mouse resistance fighters battling against the might of the weasel occupation. They are normal, everyday mice pushed to fight back against oppression.

These resistance mice live dual lives. They live the normal life of any modern mouse with friends, a family, a job and responsibilities within the Occupied Territories. But they also have a secret life.

They work in small groups, or cells, isolated from other patriots such as themselves, their friends and family. With berets, great secrecy and enthusiasm yet little training or equipment, these valiant groups of heroes take on the might of the fascist Weasel occupation.

This Army of Shadows fights to weaken the occupation Weasel forces and their collaborationist mice allies. To strike back against the oppressive occupation, prepare the way for Gwendolyn’s army of liberation, and be free mice once again.


Army of Shadows

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