Army of Shadows

Character Creation

Our First Session

We started our first session of AoS with an attempt to combine character creation with a hint of roleplaying. I described how the characters arrived at Cafe Ophelia, just before curfew, one at a time, and each one was led down to a secret room in the basement where they introduced themselves.

One of the players hadn’t received the modified character sheet I had sent on Excel, and following along with the MG book confused him, mostly because of the changes in the skill list. But we got into filling out the relationship map and creating NPCs, and that was the most collaborative part of the session.

Here is the cell, all of them post-war citizen recruits:

  • Jean-Claude, an older, graying mouse who lost an eye in a bombing the previous year; he may be a double agent for the Weasels. Or not.
  • Martin, a white mouse from Elmoss, and a doctor.
  • Henri, a brown mouse from the country, now unemployed in the city and resentful of the Weasels destroying his farm.
  • Olsen, a brown mouse in blue overalls, a member of the Mouxist group and the electrician’s union; he wears thick eyeglasses.
For significant NPCs:
  • Eloise: Olsen’s common-law wife (also his sister-in-law, before his wife died), also Jean-Claude’s enemy.
  • Yulon the Newt: a merchant in Port Sumac who is everyone’s friend (almost), but he has crossed Olsen in a manner know one yet knows.
  • Eugenie: Martin’s sister & a member of the resistance, also Olsen’s recruiter & mentor.
  • Patrick: Jean-Claude’s brother, Martin’s mentor, and Henri’s enemy.
  • Father Antoine: Martin’s enemy & Henri’s brother.



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