A doctor who lost most of his family to the war and now fights for the memory of his sons.


Name: Martin Age: 45 Fur Color: White Rank: Partizan Beret: Red Home: Elmoss

Traits: Alert, Bitter, Driven, Steady Paws

Contacts: Mentor: Patrick Family: Sister Eugenie Friend: Yulon the Newt Enemy: Father Antoine

Abilities: Nature: 4 Will: 5 Health: 3 Resources: 6 Circles: 2 Trust: 4

Skills: (Soldier): 3 Observer: 4 Doctor: 4 Intellectual: 2 Administrator: 2

Medicine-Wise: 2 Herb-Wise: 2 Police-Wise: 2 Weasel-Wise: 2 Book-Wise: 2

Deceiver: 3


Martin was born in Elmoss to and as expected followed in the family trade. He married his sweetheart Marie and they had two sons together, Nicolas and Julien. Soon after they decided to move to Port Sumac to reunite with Martins sister Eugenie who had a flourishing school there and could recommend him to many of her students and their well-to-do parents.

Martins new practice flourished and his reputation made him a desirable physician. He probably spent too much time working and tending to his clients, and not enough attention to his own family. His younger son Julien became closer to his new teacher, Aunt Eugenie and the eldest Nicolas became detached and moved away when he became old enough.

When war broke out Eugenie transitioned her school into an orphanage, and Martin tended to the injured and sick from a field hospital just behind the front. Young Julien stayed reluctantly home in the care of his mother, but Marie was soon killed in an explosion leaving Julien in the care of his Aunt Eugenie.

As the war was lost, Martin returned to Port Sumac a bitter mouse. Only his sister and son waiting, his wife dead, he later learned that Nicolas died in battle not far from where Martin has stationed his field hospital, they hadn’t had a chance to speak in years. Julien seemed to be growing distant and Eugenie became driven with her own purposes.

As for Martin, he quickly fell back to his work. An intellectual and doctor only allowed to live peacefully due to his agreement to tend to the occupying weasels and their loyal mouse officers. Almost without thinking he tended to these occupiers and murderers. Trying to find comfort in religion, instead the priest admonishes Martin for his inaction in the occupation and for the way he left his family broken and alone during the war. Martin has grown to hate the old man, he speaks the truth yes but he need not be so cruel. Why does Father Antoine hate Martin so? What does he expect? They often see each other about and it’s usually not pretty.

Then it happened. A Gestapo officer brought a shot and dying resistance “spy” to the clinic, ordering Martin to ensure the mouse live to face interrogation. The mouse was Julien. Those few wordless moments with Gestapo soldiers standing there were the turning point. Julien died on the table as comfortably as Martin could manage. Only the distance grown between them had kept Martin safe, nobody recognized him as the father. Had Martin murdered his own son? Probably the secret the officers wanted to pry from Julien was the identity of his superior, Eugenie.

Turning to Eugenie to tell her what he’d done, Martin joined the resistance in earnest, to carry on for his sons. Still using his practice as a way to get close to the enemy, to hear their secrets and become closer to them.

Belief: For the sake of my sons, never fear to face the enemy.

Instinct: Don’t let another fight alone.


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