Cities and Towns

Barkstone  A busy city with a large working class based around numerous ceramics and glass factories for which Barkstone is known. There is also a thriving and well-respected community of artists working in ceramics and glass.  Skills: Factory worker, Administrator, Artist, Potter, Glazier, Carpenter  Traits: Steady paw

Copperwood  One of the oldest cities in the Territories and centre of the highly important mining industry and ore trading.  Skills: Mine worker, Smith, Merchant, Haggler  Traits: Independent

Elmoss  An important city within the Territories, known for its medical university and teaching hospital.  Skills: Doctor, Student, Instructor  Traits: Alert

Ivywood  A city known worldwide for its gastronomic excellence and innovation in all areas of food. Historically known for its pastries and bakeries.  Skills: Chef, Restaurant worker, Barkeeper, Baker, Brewer  Traits: Hard worker

Lockhaven  Once the exclusive home to the Mouse Guard, then shared with the Territorial Assembly. The historical castle now stands at the centre of one of the largest and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Big business, finance, political power all jostle with the students, artists and intellectuals of the Left Bank with its universities, theatres and opera houses.  Skills: Politician, Merchant, Student, Artist, Academic, Administrator  Traits: Cultured

Port Sumac  A major city-port and trade route to and from The East.  Skills: Dock worker, Merchant, Engineer, Sailor  Traits: Tough

Shaleburrow  A city built on a reputation of excess, with more bars, restaurants, theaters, clubs, casinos and hotels than any other city in the Territories.  Skills: Bar, hotel, casino or restaurant worker, Entertainer, Gangster, Petty criminal  Traits: Open-minded

Sprucetuck  The city of Sprucetuck is renowned for its universities and research facilities  Skills: Scientist, Engineer, Student, Instructor, Archivist  Traits: Inquisitive, Rational

Cities and Towns

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