Cell Rank
  • How much experience have you had with the Resistance? There are five levels of experience.
    1. Civilian Recruit: One who neither fought in the War nor joined the partisans after the collapse of the Territorial Government. New to the resistance and yet to be accepted as a full member of the cell, when the beret is bestowed.
    2. Partisan: You joined the resistance after the war had finished and the occupation began. You have been given the beret that distinguishes you as part of the Resistance.
    3. Veteran: You fought in the war and lived through the horror. You have been given the beret that distinguishes you as part of the Resistance.
    4. Trained in the Northern Isles: Equivalent to Guard mouse. There may be only one mouse ‘Trained in the Northern Isles’ per cell. This is a Guard mouse character who either joined the Guard before or during the war in the territories or after the war in the Northern Isles and has received specialised training with Gwendolyn’s army. You have been given the beret that distinguishes you as part of the Resistance.
Mouse Age
  • Choose an age based on your experience in the Resistance.
  • Experience . Age
    1. Civilian . . 14-60
    2. Partisan . . 18-50
    3. Veteran . . 21-40
    4. Trained . . 25-30
  • Divide 8 points into WILL & HEALTH abilities. No ability can be above 6 or below 2.
Mouse nature
  • Mice have changed very little despite the industrial revolution and modernity. Nature is used for the following: Escaping, Climbing, Hiding, and Scavenging (replaces Foraging). All mice have a base Nature of 3; answer the following 3 questions to modify Nature.
1. During the war and the Weasel occupation, do you hoard those items that are rationed or are hard to find so that you will not want, or do you use, sell or give them away when they are needed or wanted by other mice?
  • If you hoard, add 1 to your Nature. You may not take the Bold or Generous traits.
2. When confronted by weasels of the occupation forces, or mice collaborating with the occupation, do you stand your ground or run and hide?
  • If you run and hide, add 1 to your Nature. Decrease your starting Fighting skill by 1, if taken.
3. Do you fear the weasels?
  • If yes, add 1 to your Nature. You may not take the fearless trait.
Where did you grow up?
  • Choose one skill and one trait from the city in which your character was born. Choose from among the list of Cities and Towns.
Life experience
  • You will be given a number of choices in each of the following sections. Each time you choose a skill, check it off or note it on your character sheet. You may choose or check a skill multiple times, either using multiple choices from one section or from various sections. Each time you check a skill, you’re making your character more experienced in that area.
Natural Talent
  • Civilian Recruits choose two. Partisans and Veterans choose one. Choose from the Skill List.
What did you do before the war?
  • Civilian Recruit choose two, all others choose one from the Skill List.
How did you survive the war?
  • How did you get your way in order to survive? Choose 1 from the following list.
    1. Deceiver
    2. Fighter
    3. Persuader
Recruitment Training
  • After you were recruited into the cell, what was the most important skill you learned during your initial training and assessment? Choose 1 skill from the list of Specializations.
Special Training Prior to receiving your beret, what did your mentor stress in training within the cell? Choose 1 from the following list:
  1. Instructor
  2. Persuader
  3. Orator
  4. Deceiver
What kind of experience do you have in the cell?
  1. Civilian Recruits receive 3 checks
  2. Partisans receive 6 checks
  3. Veterans receive 8 checks
  4. Trained in the Northern Isles receive 9 checks
What’s your specialty in the cell?
  • Each player, except Civilian Recruits, may add 1 check to a skill from the list of Specializations. Each player must choose a unique specialty – no two players may have the same skill as their specialty.
  • What are you especially knowledgeable about? Each character starts with a number of checks to be spent on Wises equal to their age.
  • Age . . Checks for wises
  • 14-20 = 2
  • 21-30 = 3
  • 31-40 = 4
  • 41-50 = 5
  • 51-60 = 6
  • Resources represents the ability to acquire those items required by the cell and for living under the restrictions of the occupation. Your character’s base Resources is determined by your experience within the cell.
    1. Civilian: 1
    2. Partisan: 2
    3. Veteran: 3
    4. Trained: 4

The following 6 questions can modify base Resources.

1. Do you still have a profession or trade under the occupation?
  • If yes, increase Resources by 1.
2. Do you practice a Profession or a Trade?
  • If a profession, increase Resources by 1.
3. Do you buy gifts for yourself and friends, even with rationing and shortages?
  • If yes, decrease your resources by 1.
4. Are you a hoarder?
  • If so, increase Resources by 1. You may not take the Generous trait to start.
5. Did you lose most if not everything during the war?
  • If so, decrease Resources by 1.
6. Do you check and then double-check that you have everything you need for a journey or mission?
  • If yes, increase Resources by 1. You may not take the bold or fiery traits to start.
  • Circles represent how well socially connected you are under the occupation. Your character’s base Circles is determined by your experience within the cell.
  • Civilian Recruit and Partisan: 1
  • Veteran: 2
  • Trained: 3

The following 6 questions can modify base Circles, with a minimum final Circles of 1.

1. Is your mouse gregarious? Does he find making friends easy?
  • If yes, increase Circles by 1.
2. Do you have strong ties to the cell? Were your recruited by a colleague, friend or family-member?
  • If yes, increase Circles by 1.
3. Has your mouse accomplished an heroic act of resistance against the occupation? Does he already have a reputation within the resistance? Is he sought by the Occupation forces?
  • If yes, increase your circles by 1.
4. Does your mouse have powerful (non weasel) enemies within the Occupied Territories?
  • If yes, decrease Circles by 1.
5. Has your mouse been arrested by the weasel secret police or the Occupied Territories police?
  • If so, decrease Circles by 1.
6. Is your mouse a loner, tough or cool?
  • If yes, increase Circles by 1. You may not take the extrovert trait to start.
  • Traits describe the personality quirks and special qualities that all of the guardmice posess. Choose from the list of Traits.
    1. A quality born with.
    2. Life during the war.
    3. Life under occupation.
  • Choose a name from the list of Names.
Fur Color
  • Choose a fur color for your mouse.
  • Name your parents. What is their current location?
Name your recruiter?
  • What is the name of the mouse who recruited you into the cell? This mouse must be a player character or an NPC who is no longer in the cell.
Name your mentor?
  • For characters that are Civilian Recruits, this must be a current member of the cell who is a bereted member of the cell.
  • For bereted members of the cell, this mouse must be either an NPC or a player character with the resigned to one’s fate trait.
Name your Friend
  • Invent the character that your mouse considers a true friend. Someone that you turn to for help. Pick their profession or trade and current location.
Name your Enemy
  • Invent a mouse NPC who is the enemy of your character. Give him a profession and say where he is now. Your enemy can be from before the war or during the occupation. It is permissible for players to choose a common enemy.
Beret colour
  • The resistance soon took to wearing coloured berets at a time when it was common enough not to cause suspicion yet effective in setting these brave mice apart. Choose the colour beret your mentor gave you the day you were accepted as a full member of the cell. Why is it this colour? What part of your personality made the cell choose that colour?
  • Post-war civilians do not have a beret yet. They are not yet full members of the cell until the cell and their mentor think they are ready and can be trusted.

First mission Belief Goal Instinct Gear – 2 items Starting Rewards – 1 Fate, 1 Persona


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